Our Themed Garden Beds

Angel 2 (2)

Guardian Angel in the Breast Cancer Ribbon bed.

This was our 1st themed bed designed to honor, support and inspire friends or family members who have battled breast cancer. All the flowers in the ribbon are pink, arranged by height to accentuate the Guardian Angel in the middle of the ribbon, who watches over all cancer warriors. The Angel is surrounded by purple blooms in support of all the various types of cancer.


The Bicycling Bed

As we describe on our home page, Michelle is an avid bicyclist and has spent many hours riding our local country roads that are lined with the wild, roadside variety of daylilies. These flowering beds represent the "essence of summer" to her. We have a variety of bicycle garden art to help bring those cycling trips back into our garden. There are several small paths that allow you to meander through the daylilies.

Dee Deadheading

Dee deadheading "Up Against the Sun" A lovely daylily hybridized by Richard Norris.

Although you do not have to "deadhead" your daylily blooms each day, it does allow us to spend time up close and personal with each of the plants. It also allows us to see the various wildlife visitors and activities that take place in an urban garden. Deadheading makes each plant a picturesque work of art . This type of garden changes every day, and although it takes a little bit of time, what a wonderful way to start or end your day!


Intersection of Woodcrest Avenue & 6th Street

image 001

The Fish Pond

What a great place to relax with a good book, listen to the babbling waterfall in the pond or just gaze out across the flower beds!

image 002

Peak Bloom

This is a view from one of the many garden benches located throughout the yard.

image 003

Main Themed Bed Area

This is the main, themed bed area in near-full bloom.

image 004

The Bird Bath

A variety of birds stop by and hang out in the Bird Bath bed.

image 005

Hawaii Bed at Night

Many of our themed beds are lit with perimeter rope lighting, solar pathway lights or spot lights, providing an enchanting outdoor space for evening entertaining.

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