What's Happening in the August Garden?

Aug 13, 2015
98 yo

It was a Hot, Hazy & Humid August!

August was also a very busy month for us. We had Our last two Open Garden Tours and we had great turnouts for both events even though it was so very hot! We were thrilled with the number of visitors we had. We even had a 98 yr old woman stop by and enjoy sitting on one of our shaded benches


More visitors to our Open Garden Tour.


We completed the design and printing of our new brochure and Trailer signs. Next up is a nice sign for the front of the property.


Our Plumeria plant sure loved the hot weather! It went crazy with the number of blooms that opened. It was absolutely beautiful!

Pod 2

We sure had a lot of seed pods this year. We're not sure what we are going to do with all those seeds, but we are collecting them and will store them in the frig until we are ready to plant in January or keep them to sell. If you are interested in purchasing seeds, let us know what you are looking for and we may be able to supply you.


We have been seeing this beautiful Monarch butterfly in the garden. I think this is the female. The male is supposed to be more orange in color. Guess we better plant some Milkweed in our garden so we can attract more Monarchs.

We have seen lots of "Wheel Bugs" in the garden this year. Even though they really look gross, they are supposed to be a very good bug to have in the garden, so I guess we like them. They are supposed to eat those pesky stink bugs and Japanese Beetles. They must have gotten a late start because the Japanese Beetles sure did a job on our roses.


Of course our buddy Bugz is still hanging around in the garden. It's funny, I came home at 11:30 pm one night after working for our local ambulance and when I pulled into the driveway, there he was. He started to run across the yard but stopped dead in his tracks when I Said "Hello Bugz, how are you doing?" I really think he does know us and knows we won't hurt him. We just love all the wildlife we see in the garden. We did not like seeing the Cardinal that chased and captured a Praying Mantis. I didn't know Praying Mantis could fly but apparently they do! He tried to get away but the Cardinal was too fast for him.

coco & potheads

Of course our favorite visitor to the garden is our very own Coco! She just loves to hang out in the garden with us. For the most part, she is pretty good and doesn't chase any other visitors but we have to keep a close eye on her because she does like to wonder off sometimes, especially if there is something stinky to roll in!

Coco & Michelle

Michelle and Coco relaxing in the garden.


On a sad note, August also brought an end to most of our blooms. A few late bloomers and re-bloomers allowed us to continue enjoy some color right into September, but it was very sad seeing all the empty scapes. Now the seed pod gathering will begin. We had plenty of rain this month and through the summer, so our grass actually looks amazing! It's still quite green and soft!

Well, Fall is just around the corner and that brings a whole new
adventure to the garden.

See you next month!

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