July's Spectacular Peak Bloom!

Jul 27, 2015
Woodcrest Daylilies LLC

What's Happening in the Garden this Month.

It's amazing what a difference a month can make! July was truly spectacular this year as we hit the peak bloom display of color during the 2nd & 3rd weeks of July. I just love the month of July. I love to see all the patriotic decorations celebration our nations freedom and independence. We started off the month watching the locally famous Lititz Springs Fireworks display from right here in the middle of the garden. We had the added bonus of our own lighted garden displays and could hear the patriotic music playing in the park. Being able to sit there with a glass of wine watching the celebration was certainly worth staying home. We are definitely going to have to plan an evening Garden Party next year!

Tin Man

Melanie Hummer Photography

The Tin Man

Bird Bath

Jane's Oklahoma Sunset at the Bird Bath

Litits Fireworks

Lititz Fireworks from the garden

Full Bloom

Peak Bloom in the Garden!

We reached peak bloom around the 2nd week of July and now at the end of the month we are starting to drop off a little but it is still very beautiful. We had a great turnout for our 1st & 3rd Sunday Open Garden Tours and it was wonderful to share the garden at it's best! We added a few more garden features this month. The Wizard of Oz garden is coming along nicely with several of the new plants blooming beautifully. We added a new wind catcher and foot bridge. Next project up is the Yellow Brick Road!

Peak Bloom 2

Michelle and I both took a two week vacation from our day jobs and had a wonderful "Staycation" here in the garden. It was absolutely heaven!! I think we are going to have to do that every year now just so we can enjoy all this beauty.


Melanie Hummer Photography

It's amazing how much life goes on in the garden! We have a little baby bunny who has claimed the whole garden as his. He is very used to us now and doesn't run off when he sees us. Bugz is very happy in his new home. He greets us every day while we are deadheading the lilies. We have lots of Praying Mantis, Bees and Wheel Bugs (which are pretty scary looking), so they all seem to be a sign of a good, healthy garden. Unfortunately the Japanese Beetles did a job on our rose bushes but they don't seem to like Daylilies. Yay!!


Melanie Hummer Photography

We had a photographer stop by to take some professional shots of the garden in full bloom. Melanie Hummer from "Melanie Hummer Photography" took some really great photos for us during peak bloom.

Plumeria Bloom

Plumeria Plant Flowering

One last exciting new bloom in the garden. Our Plumeria Plant bloomed for the first time in about 6 yrs. One flower opened up on July 10th but there are several new buds that will be opening up real soon. Can't wait to see this one in full bloom! This plant came from Hawaii when we were there in 2008. What a beautiful flower that reminded of our "Healing in Hawaii" trip after my cancer diagnosis.

Another photographer, Becky Mohr from "Mohr Visions" has been coming to the garden for several years. She has photos mounted on metal that are suitable for outdoor display. We sell some of Becky's work at our Ephrata Market stand.

The Framing Concept Art Gallery (our sister business) hosted 1st Friday Art Shows for both of these photographers. Check out their websites, facebook pages and our "Photo Gallery" pages for additional photos of each artist's work.

We still have two more Open Garden Tours scheduled for August so check out our events page.

See you next month for our August Blog update!! Happy Gardening!!

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